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Capital Loan Consultants are full service commercial lenders and brokers offering commercial loans, working capital loans, merchant cash advances and equipment loans. We can help you with all of your business needs. Between the four platforms we have dozens of different programs to offer you solutions to your businesses capital needs.  We offer a unique and different way of assessing the strength of your business. Based on a few simple pieces of information we input 12 different criteria into a sophisticated risk model which tell us the projected payback ability of your businesses revenues, based on this information we customize an offer specifically for your business and can have you approved in no time and funded in 24 hours. When the bank says no we say yes. Apply now to receive your no-cost no-obligation offer.

Even the most experienced business owners have difficulty understanding the relationship between the interest rate and the points or fees associated with their loans.

Points and Interest Rates

The reality is that the two are directly related in that “points” are nothing more than interest that is charged up front. The actual rate and number of points a borrower pays is largely dictated by the quality of the borrower’s credit. As the credit quality decreases, the interest rate, points and fees increase. This is because these loans are more difficult to fund and pose a greater risk of default to the lender.

Also, ask if your loan will have a charge or a fee for paying all or part of the loan before payment is due (prepayment penalty).  A lender may require you to obtain certain settlement services, such as a new survey, mortgage insurance or title insurance. It may also order and charge you for other settlement-related services, such as the appraisal or credit report.

A lender may also charge other fees, such as fees for loan processing, document preparation, underwriting, flood certification or an application fee. You may wish to ask for an estimate of fees and settlement costs before choosing a lender. Some lenders offer no cost or no point loans but normally cover these fees or costs by charging a higher interest rate.


Loan Considerations

What do you need?

Often the price of a business loan is stated in terms of an interest rate, points and other fees. A point is a fee that equals 1 percent of the loan amount. Points are usually paid to the lender, Business Finance Consultant, or both, at the settlement.

Often, you can pay fewer points in exchange for a higher interest rate or more points for a lower rate. Ask your Business Finance Consultant about points and other fees.

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